Sylva Skog AB

Welcome to Sylva Skog AB - a full service silviculture company

Sylva Skog AB, based in Falun, Sweden, was
established in august, 2002, focusing on the
professional Silviculture market within Dalarna,
Hälsingland, Gästrikland, Uppland, Västmandland
and Värmland in Sweden, Europe.

We have evolved to become a successful,
competitive company performing a wide range of
silviculture duties.

    We offer:
  • Cleaning-Thinning
  • Power line clearence
  • Cutting undergrowth
  • Treeplanting
Sylva Skog AB and its employee’s take the utmost
pride in our work and at all times we are
accountable for each and every project that we

We have a very skilled and motivated staff with
many years of combined experience.
Sylva Skog AB´s staff actively participates in
various training programs to ensure our clients
receive professional result every time.

Our goal is simple:
Offer quality work to competitive prices with the
importance on safety and the protection of the

The Sylva Skog AB team will remain motivated by the endless and exciting possibilities that the future has to offer.

Don´t hesitate contacting us if you have any questions about our services!
Ambjorn Svensson - Leader

People are what make Sylva Skog AB.

Many people. Qualified people. Energetic, motivated people.
People who want to work outdoors, experience forests and forestry while
working hard and earning at their potential.

Sylva Skog AB employs workers every year, also during the season.
We highly value experienced workers because they allow us to deliver
quality work for our clients.
We offer jobs to foreign-workers only on Swedish conditions based on
swedish collective agreements.
We employe tree-planters and thinners/brushers.
The season of our work is mostly from april to oktober depending on
when the snow melts/arrives.

Interested in working with Sylva Skog AB ?
Does the above written description fits you?
Then please give us an email with you presentation!!
E-post: Sylva Skog AB